Ducting Installation

Ducting Installation

Ducting Installation

Ducting Installation Services in JakartaDucting is a medium for distributing air or other types of material, where the distribution process is carried out in a planned manner, so that the distribution process can be in accordance with the desired needs. There are various types and specifications of

Ducting Installation

Ducting Installation Services from PT Surindo Murni Agung in Jakarta. Ducting is an object that is used to distribute air or other things in a certain direction by considering each of these final destinations to be part of the load on the dimensions or diameter of the distribution media along the way until the end point of the load comes out of the conveying medium. Types of ducting materials vary according to the air to be channeled. The use of the material used will affect the air temperature along the way to the end point of the air exit.

There are several types of ducting, including the following:

BJLS ducting without insulation.

Outer insulation BJLS ducting

BJLS ducting insulation outside and inside

AC ducting / AC ducts

Ducting Installation Services in Jakarta

PT Surindo Murni Agung serves the installation / installation of ducting. We are experienced in the ducting field and have staff who are experts in their fields. Please call the telephone number for more information.

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